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    fixed part of the national business volume
    We are a dynamic, vibrant and innovative publishing company (internet, print media) under construction, which has begun to build up websites with advertisements and informations for our international customers.
    Our international web-project (based in Germany but acting worldwide) is searching for a national partner for Sweden.
    To guarantee the further successful developement of our internet-portal in the future we are looking for a diligent, autonomous, goal-oriented, enthusiastic employee for an interesting, challenging and long-time 
    oriented job (part-time or full-time):


    Your responsabilities:
    - construction, mentoring and management of the Estonian internet-portal; 
    - recruiting of customers for advertisements on our website; 
    - customers liaison and support service) in your own, independent agency.
    Your qualifications / our requirements:  very good knowledge in English (or/and German); Swedish native speaker.
    Place of work:  your home (online)
    You should work with your own computer and have some basic experiences and skills to work with it, but we don't expect you to be an  IT-expert.
    Kind of employment:  part-time or full-time.
    Important for us is a relaxed, uncomplicated and straightforward co-operation without unnecessary hierarchical constraints and administrative ado.
    More decisive than your diplomas and final degrees is your commitment, creativity, your absolute dependability and your communicative skills.
    Your age is secondary for us. 
    We appreciate and look forward to requests either from job applicants with long lasting professional experiences or people who want to begin their professional career and want to distinguish themselves as career changers or late entrants.
    We look very much forward to hearing from you...
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