System Integration Engineer

Вид работа: Пълен работен ден


SIE works at  planning, integration preparation, execution and performance test. SIE takes the ownership of the system development for managing machine plan and configuration, coordinates test claim intakes, preparation, system level integration. takes the lead in execution of test claims and follow up the solution of the issues.

  • Maintain and update system configuration
  • Integrate hardware, software, SEM and other modules to build proto system
  • Review and execute test claims, including job processing.
  • Submit integration issues and optimize machine utilization
  • Technical owner of the machine
  • Work with designers to follow up the solution of the issues
  • Provide technical support to D&E engineers for existing product
  • Review and prepare new feature tests for existing products.
  • Work with application engineers to support customer demo
  • Ensure safe working environment and work according 5S principles



  • System Test Results (FAC, AATR and ATP)
  • Product’s golden configuration


Job Requirements:


  • Bachelor degree or higher degree in Electronic, Mechanic or physics background. 2+ years’ experience desired.
  • Able to apply professional knowledge to develop /integrate semiconductor equipment and ability to learn new technology through hands on experience and project development.
  • Able to interface with R&D engineers in a project intensive environment.
  • Good machine knowledge.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Use different tools for troubleshooting system .


Experience with Assembly, Precision Equipment, Sensitivity Assembly and Mechanical Alignment is an added plus.


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