Become a promoter

Empresa: UniteEvents
Tipo de emprego: Estágio
Salário: 10 EUR/Diário / noturno
Salário notas: Depends on how many tickets you sell
indústria: Viagem e Turismo


With my company, UniteEvent, we are looking for young people searching for a job in Malta this summer. You need to be at least 18 years old. The job consist of being a promotor. Which means that you should be comfortable with being in contact with people and need to speak fluently English (the more languages learned the better, but just English is enough!). 

You need to be available for at least 3 weeks, but you can stay much linger if you wish to! You will be paid each day with the commission on the tickets you are selling. Which means that the more you sell, the more you get paid! 

We are located in Paceville, Malta, which is one of the most famous city of the island due to the many parties organised there. 

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact the company by email to [...]


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