Outdoor cooling and heating solutions

Druh práce: Jiné
Plat: KWD 180 / Rok
Odvětví: Elektronika
Čtvrť/Oblast: Hawalli

Dear All,
We offer complete range of Industrial and commercial Hyma Gas Heaters .These Heaters are commonly use in public places like Mosques, Hotels,Coffee shops, Factory's, Dairy Farms,

Poultry Farms , Hangers, Villas and Play grounds. Some of important features of our gas heaters are as follow:

1. Our heater will put a touch of romantic warmth into your outdoor surrounding, when the temperature drop.
2. Light weight, Wheel base with brakes.
3. Available in range of 5000-13000 watts.
4. varible gas control valve with automati shut-off device safety.
5. burning with normal gas propane, butane and LPG gas.
6.  Easy to move with wheels.

For further clarifications please feel free to contact us on Mbl: +965- 65682525, Lph: +965-22644745 or mail me at:[...] and [...] thank



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