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Firma: Turijobs Tourism Services
Druh práce: Plný úvazek

Since 1999, the YOURCAREERGROUP very successfully runs job boards specialized in the tourism industry.
Meanwhile, its main brands are HOTELCAREER, GASTROJOBS, TOURISTIKCAREER, and TURIJOBS. We are present in 8 markets and share the following mission:

  • We enable people to find the job they love.
  • We provide organizations with the right service-minded people.
  • Hence, we directly contribute to unforgettable moments in a guest’s life.

To strengthen our team and international presence, we are looking for an intern, starting as soon as possible and focusing on our International Business Development.

  • to help the product and communications team with the full adaptation of the front and back ends of the site, the products, the B2B and B2C communication, etc.
  • to prepare the go-to-market strategy together with the sales and marketing team
  • to help us contacting prospects and customers.
  • Full time or part-time dedication to the project for 5 to 10 months
  • To be extremely conscious
  • To study International Business, Marketing, Hotel Management or similar
  • To be independent as you will own the project
  • To have very good communication skills
  • Speak perfect Dutch, good English and ideally some German, Spanish or French
  • To be geographically flexible as you will be working out of Barcelona, Düsseldorf and maybe out of Maastricht at some stages of the project
  • To be readily partying the first outcomes with the entire team
  • Flexibility to be based in Barcelona or Dusseldorf
  • Monthly help for continue studying €
  • Some budget to relocate if needed
  • Flexibility in terms of office location
  • Access to all facilities
  • To participate in some team events

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