Bilingual Administrative Assistant Needed

Jobtype: Full-time
Løn: 1.549.200 COP/Month
Løn notes: Salary paid in USD
Industri: Finance

Job Requirements of the Sales Assistant:

·         4 Year Degree is required in Business/Finance

·         2 years proven experience in similar roles

·         Experience in Project management

·         Excellent English

·         Able to do proper research on financial related topics

·         Experience with financial projections

A great sales assistant will have the following Personal Characteristics:

·         Organized and able to help others get organized

·         Desire to learn, and ability to do so.

·         Excellent organizational and time management skills

·         Drive, ambition and an entrepreneur mindset

·         Ability to change communication style to fit the situation and audience; relatability is key!

·         Strong customer service skills

·         Ability to adapt as the external environment or organization evolves

·         Able to manage others and follow up with the team´s tasks



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