Health Programs In Latin America. Volunteer or Internship

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Job-Typ: Freiwillig
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The position is ideal for a person interested in working with a community health center focus in health promotion and prevention. 

This Health Center has many medical specialties, but they also give a lot of importance to preventive medicine and the promotion of health in the neighborhood. The doctors and nurses organize campaigns and workshops for the community; visit their homes in order to understand the social and economical root of health issues, and to help more effectively.

 Volunteer’s Role

Volunteer's tasks will depend on their commitment and interests, anyway, volunteers will start as spectators so they can learn how the health center and the professionals work. All areas, activities, and workshops are open to the volunteer who can participate both in the activities inside the center and those carried out in the field according to their interests. Moreover, volunteers learn a lot about the Argentine Health System, how to work in a team different from what you learn in universities, you can share your own knowledge as well as learn a lot from the people you share your experience with

For this reason, an intermediate level of Spanish is required, so that the volunteer can become more involved with those who work in the center and with the community. It is imperative that the volunteer develops an outlook of communicating with people, taking into account that this is an institution that serves the community and that their concern is to understand the people living there and their health problems.

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