Commercial Manager, Mechanical Engineer and other positions

Job-Typ: Vollzeit
Branche: Produktion

Commercial Manager, Mechanical Engineer and other positions


We need to link in each of the cities in the world where the bicycle is used as a means of transport, the following people:


Mechanical engineer. (Payment for projects)

Commercial manager. (Basic salary + commissions and benefits of law)

Industrial partner (Without capital contribution)



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Join our team to become a successful person directing, manufacturing, leasing and marketing bicycle parking of exclusive designs and patented in 152 countries.


GM INDUSTRIES factory parking for bicycles, in only 95 m2 we park 416 bicycles (nobody does that in the world), it is a business, destined to offer safe parking services with space savings for bicycles of all kinds, under the sale modality or lease.


The idea was born when detecting the difficulty that the cyclists have, to access safe and space-saving parking lots, of which there are very few in the world and those whose construction was at a very high cost, such as La Raza in Mexico City, if they had known our invention, with what cost they would have reached to build one to park 4,160 bicycles and not for 408 that was for what only the money reached them.


The parkings for safe bicycles are an exclusive solution designed and patented by INDUSTRIAS GM in Medellin, Colombia, destined to improve the mobility that the world is requiring, it is a profitable business because it is a unique mass consumption solution that nobody else can commercialize, for such reason the business is very successful commercially.


The invention is mainly focused on the government, the main drawback that the bicycle is not used massively as a means of transport that is what governments seek, is because the cyclist does not find parking for safe bicycles, which give confidence to leave there your vehicle, the problem is global, if in Holland the safest country and advanced in the implementation of this type of transport, 50,000 to 80,000 bicycles are stolen per year, how many are stolen in the third world countries? Generally all the cities of the world are setting public policies to encourage green mobility, there in those programs is where we enter with the invention.


Starting to work with us is very simple since we have identified our market niches.


Once we approve your relationship, sign the contract under the modality you wish to enter, together with the confidentiality (patent of invention, know-how), we provide all the technical and logistical information so that together we begin to familiarize ourselves with the market niche of its area which are the entities: Government, mass transport systems, shopping centers, shopping centers, universities, schools, schools, among others, easy to identify by the excessive use of bicycles.


If you are the right person? Come and be part of a winning team already !!!


Please send your resume with a recent photo when you send a resume to mail: [...], we will call you for an interview.


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