Wellness Manager - (Girona)

Firma: Turijobs
Job-Typ: Vollzeit
Empresas: PGA Catalunya Resort - Hotel Camiral
We are looking for a Wellness Manager to join our team at PGA Catalunya resort. Being part of the opening team he or she will be leading the design and implementation of all policies and procedures of the new Wellness Center. The Wellness manager will oversee the overall wellness center and will be an Executive Committee member. Key Responsibilities - Lead the team, providing clear direction and support to ensure that quality is always the priority and to balance this with achieving optimal financial performance - Drive the wellness facility as a business, setting targets that are aligned with action plans and matching resources with projected demand patterns. Implementing daily and monthly review procedures to ensure that we are proactively managing rather than reacting to business needs. Having a bigger picture awareness of the trends in the industry and reaching out to develop collaborations that can benefit the business - Gathering data and information and using that data to determine what extra steps should be taken to enhance the success of the programs put in place. - Be the ‘face’ of PGA Wellness with high degree of guest and team contact. Taking an active interest in each individual employee to understand their needs and to work with them to find their passion and establish their personal development plan. - Integration within the resort and develop strong working relationship with other operating departments to leverage opportunities to drive growth and support other business units - Ensure that the physical condition of the Wellness Facility and the operating equipment remain in prime cleanliness and condition through daily reviews of the area and close working relationship with housekeeping, engineering and external suppliers (in addition to ensuring our own team take ownership by respecting, cleaning and reporting any issues) Key Skills (current abilities) - Strong background in spas and wellness. Preferable if you have worked your way up from a therapist to senior management. You could currently be ready to step up from a number two position - attitude is a major factor in finding the right person for the role - Whilst no need to be a finance manager, must have an interest and ability to understand and interpret the P&L and key performance indicators.
Requisitos : Key Attributes - People person - leading and developing teams, interacting with guests and other people in associated areas of the property. - Determined- its a marathon, not a sprint and with many challenges on the path which ultimately are what help us to develop - Passionate about wellness. This is our business and you must want to bring and share your knowledge to help others improve their wellbeing, and be interested and passionate about learning more in this ever-evolving industry - Organized and set goals, manage people and to have the ability to prioritize Basic requirements - Spanish national preferred - 5 years experience in spa and wellness with part of that in management role - Ability to communicate in both Spanish & English essential

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