php js programmer

Job-Typ: Vollzeit

ABC Hosting Ltd. Is one of the leading web hosting providers in Poland ( and we're currently expanding our services to other countries around the world, we also recently decided to introduce a new cryptocurrency project creating a new way to gain profit from websites traffic.

This is a remote job and full time only.

Your job will be to:
• Add new and improve existing functionalities in the users control panel on our hosting.
• Participate in development of our new cryptocurrency project.
• Cowork with our system administrator and tester department.
• Track your work in Redmine and use Git as VCS

Position Requirements:
• PHP 7 (we use PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.1).
• Knowledge and practical usage of OOP and its basic principles (awareness of GRASP, SOLID and design patterns is a plus).
• Experience with at least one MVP framework is very desirable (we use Symfony 4 Flex).
• Basic MySQL knowledge (understanding DBMS(es) deeply and ability to optimize its performance is a plus).
• Ability to work with PHP's PDO lib (or at least mysqli). Experience with Doctrine is a plus.
• Basic JavaScript skills (knowledge of jQuery and Vue.js is a plus).
• Experience with some VCS (preferably Git) is strongly desired.
• Ability to write codes that are clean and understandable by others, and following consistent code style is a must.
• Proactiveness is desired.

Optional skills:
• Experience of integrating 3rd party or internal services (via AJAX, JSON-RPC or maybe SOAP) is a plus.
• SASS and Bootstrap skills are a plus but not demanded.
• Experience with PHPUnit testing framework is a plus, but not demanded (you'll have to learn it though).
• If you do not get lost in Linux (Bash) console shell and have experience with SSH connections - it is a plus.
• If you can write simple Python / Bash scripts - it is a plus.
• Knowledge of phpBB is a plus.
• CI/CD platforms (Gitlab)

Required Language Skills: Upper Level English

Salary according to experience and knowledge. 

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