Logistic Supervisor

Εταιρεία: sino Canadian Seafood
Είδος εργασίας: Πλήρης απασχόλησης
Βιομηχανία: Γεωργία, Δασολογία & Ψάρεμα
Περιοχή/Γειτονιά: Back Bay


Sino Canadian Seafood Ltd is in demand for a full time Logistic Supervisor employee. This is a 1215 type of job and is permanent supervisor/team leader level position.


The employee shall operate listed responsibilities as: works on business warehouse and logistic section, sets up and operates warehouse and inventory working procedures, managers seafood products inventories and develops inventory record systems, ensures safety and health environment of warehouse, ensures shipping tools and vehicles regular operation situations, sets up and operates international logistic working procedures, works on international shipping tasks, communicates with international shipping service providers, manages logistic and warehouse work employees, arranges tasks to logistic and warehouse work employees, studies shipping lines and international shipping costs matters, does research on shipping service providers and shipping routes,  managing shipping equipment and trucks work schedules and routes, communicating with international shipping service providers, designing and confirming international logistic schedules and routes, contacts insurance service providers to insure shipped products, communicates with customers/shipping service providers to learn process of shipping, provides solutions to any shipping or warehouse issues, hires and trains new logistic and warehouse employees by instruction of the company, works on other logistic and warehouse related tasks as instructions from the company.


This position shall be filled before September 1, 2020. This advertisement is valid until June 1, 2020.


This position is paid by hourly ($22.50 per hour), working schedules are 35 hours per week. The annual salary is $44,345. Any international trip will  be paid by hourly. This employee will have same benefits as other employees, such as 10 days’ paid vacation, employee insurance plan and sales bonus plan.


Any candidates shall satisfy the company that: have post-secondary education diploma (logistic or warehouse major will be assets), English abilities (shall be proved by language test reports), at least 3 to 5 years’ logistic/warehouse/international shipping working experience.


Candidates shall satisfy the company by an onsite or online interview that: have communication skills, can work under pressures, focus on details, work as team player and leaders.

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