Customer Support Officer with English language

Εταιρεία: IQ Option Europe LTD
Είδος εργασίας: Πλήρης απασχόλησης
Μισθός: 1.300 EUR/Μήνας
Μισθός σημειώσεις: gross
Βιομηχανία: Οικονομικά
Περιοχή/Γειτονιά: Limassol, Cyprus

IQ Option is an international company that has been attracting and training traders of the IQ Option platform for more than 7 years, as well as answering their questions. The company was founded in 2013 and since then we have reached one of the first positions of world leaders in the online trading industry.

As a leading CySec registered company, we have received several awards, including The Award of Financial Excellence 2017 by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, achieving a significant impact on the Trading Industry. The IQ Option brand is active all over the world operating in more than 13 languages offering our clients the opportunity to trade in different instruments including Forex, CFD’s, Cryptocurrencies, and Options.


Our great pride is the Customer Care Team, which makes up one-fifth of the team! These guys are the face of IQ! Today, more than 50 million users in 150 countries of the world are registered on the platform and these figures are increasing every day. And that means we always have a lot of exciting tasks.


What is the Customer Support Department in IQ Option?


It is a large, professional team of Customer Support specialists. We speak 13 languages and help our users to understand all the peculiarities of trading. We work remotely 2/2 night schedule (it means that you work two-night shifts from 22.00 to 10.00, then you have 2 days off, after that two-night shifts from 22.00 to 10.00 then 2 days off) - GMT+3, Limassol time. And now we are looking for a future colleague who will make our customer service even better.


Chats serve as our main communication channel on the platform. Our customers ask us a variety of questions starting from trading up to movie recommendations so you won't be bored.


Who is a Customer Support officer?


- He writes and speaks English fluently;

- He is so fluent in the product that the customer understands it perfectly (and we will always help with this: we have a knowledge base, an established system of continuous learning and test devices with a platform installed on them for the most individual approach to the client);

- The Customer Care Specialist is able to determine the need of the client and find a solution that suits him;

- Our specialists are individuals, not robots! We do not have scripts, each operator communicates with the client on his own behalf and in his own manner, and we always note the original approach to work;

- Customer Care agent is not afraid of difficulties and high load. We are intense in everything - in work and in rest!


Why should you choose us?


- We'll always be by your side providing a knowledge base, an established system of continuous

learning, tests for better understanding of the product and an online channel where you can ask

for help whenever you need it.

- You have always been attracted to travelling and you've come to realize that you love to

communicate with foreigners. Your team members come from different countries: India,

Pakistan, Mexico and Indonesia, Italy, France and Germany. And our clients' customers will write

to you from all over the world!

- You will learn how intriguing the life of a customer support provider

can be. We have online lectures with guest speakers, education in personal growth and development, online conferences and unofficial meetings with the rest of the team.

- You will have access to a corporate online library in multiple languages.

- And more!

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