Night Manager

Είδος εργασίας: Πρακτική άσκηση
Μισθός: EUR 1.200 / Μήνας
Μισθός σημειώσεις: 1200 EURO
Βιομηχανία: Ταξίδια & Τουρισμός
Περιοχή/Γειτονιά: Protaras, Cyprus

It welcomes every guest with a smile and kindness using one
friendly greeting.  Provides the room that meets his needs and reservation
guest.  Records the arrival of the customer and arranges to have his personal
details (passport or ID number, address etc.).  Sells rooms and arrives for passersby
customers. Handles customer departure effectively and error-free.  He is responsible for the fund during his shift.  Closes a cashier at the end of his shift and delivers it to the next one
employee. Handles the foreign exchange market carefully.  Handles and handles bookings in accordance with predefined schedules
procedures when the booking department is unavailable.  Answer the phone and perform call center debt when it is
essential.  Handles customer messages, faxes and any related service.  Be aware of and serve customers for restaurant, theater,
move them and provide any other help or information they need.  Intermediate for booking flights for the client,
ships, excursions etc.Handles customer queries and complaints as long as it is able to do so and
refers issues that have not been resolved to his boss. Uses 'up-selling' techniques to maximize revenue from them
rooms. Promotes other hotel services and products.  Be aware of the events and events taking place
at the hotel, VIP arrivals, groups etc.  Reads the log-book daily and keeps it up to date.  Know all the services and amenities that the hotel and hotel offer
rooms, pricing policy, special rates and programs, policy
credit as well as cash and accounting processes.  Complements the host's daily checklist
daily.  Preserves and archives all data and ensures it is secure
back-up reports.  Completes correction commands, discounts, etc. until specified
limits his jurisdiction and reports other matters to the boss
of the host. Check that the reception area and public areas are always in good condition
state and clean and report any problems to the boss
of. Uses the name of the customer if he or she knows it and focuses on it
10 Student Handbook
providing them with personalized customer service.

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