Είδος εργασίας: Πλήρης απασχόλησης
Μισθός σημειώσεις: 900-1000 EURO
Βιομηχανία: Ταξίδια & Τουρισμός
Περιοχή/Γειτονιά: αyia Napa, Cyprus

Cook is defined by the professional, who is familiar with cooking, pastry and restaurant art, works in the kitchen of the food unit, manages and manages the kitchen, prepares, prepares and lays catering to small and large groups of people in accordance with the specified quality standards of the food unit and the intended hygiene levels. This kitchen can be indoors or outdoors.

In particular the Cook performs (though not limited to) the following duties:

• the preparation and presentation of dishes of all forms and varieties on the basis of standard recipes and recipes prepared by himself;

• quality control, maintenance and utilization of raw materials and dishes,

• the distribution, shredding of the raw materials, their preparation and their use for the preparation and presentation of the dish.

• the composition of the menu based on agronomic rules and gastronomy rules,

• decorating and presenting dishes,

• the organization and management of the kitchen.

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