Babysitter, Animators, Artists

Είδος εργασίας: Σύμβαση
Μισθός: 1.000 EUR/Μήνας
Βιομηχανία: Ταξίδια & Τουρισμός

LUX searching for new Winter Season 2024 and new Summer Season 2024 already.
But you can also apply every month during all year or apply for new Winter Season 2024 (Start 1.November 2024)
or for the Summer Season 2024 ( Start 1. April 2024 )
(Also possible only work 1 or 2 months in Summer 2024 High Season (July or /and August)
Hotels in Summer 2024 Mallorca, Cuba, Gran Canaria, Teneriffe, Greece, Croatia, Egypt, VAE
Hotels in Winter 2024 ( only not Greece) all the same
What we search ?


Baby Sitters
Animators ( Kids, Sports, Alround)

You will work only in luxury Hotels 5 Stars plus. Salary 900- 2000 Euro
depends on your Qualifications and long time Experience.

You will be responsible for the daily Programs like Sports, Kids Club or
Alround ( Sports and Kids). ( Only Day Program)

Daily Entertainment for the whole Hotel, and responsible starting from 5 till 20 Animators.

Lux Standart Working Features:

– New way of Kids & Sports Activities & Entertainment
– Food & Drinks free inside the Hotel
– Accommodation Guestrooms or private Beach Villas (luxury)
– Work only day (we have no Evening Entertainment)
– Privat Health Insurance
– Flight Refund any amount to and back to the working destination
– Highest Salary in the Entertainment Branche

Requirement for all Applications: You should have diploma or good education in the
Sport and Kids Field, you also should have experience in tourism.
The English Language is a must, German and Russian is a plus. If you have further
questions let us know.

We are waiting for your Application.

Stay LUX – Work LUX – Be LUX

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