Market Research for Truck Spare Parts in Vietnam

Εταιρεία: Jinan Createk Technology Co., Ltd.
Είδος εργασίας: Μερική απασχόληση
VND 10.000.000 - VND 20.000.000 / Μήνας
Μισθός σημειώσεις: The commissions will be based on the information collected.
Βιομηχανία: Αυτοκίνητο

Jinan Createk Technology Co., Ltd. ( is located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China. For the past 13 years, CREATEK? has been committed to the export of trucks spare parts and specialized in commercial truck aftermarket service. Due to the development needs of the company, we are looking for a Vietnamese employee to help us do market research, product research and customer research in Vietnam. The job requirements are as follows:

1. Vehicle repairman or engineer with relevant work experience in the vehicle or spare parts industry.

2. Be able to adapt to business trips and conduct market research in major cities across Vietnam

3. Have formal education and can accurately understand the survey contents sent by the company.

4. Ability to communicate fluently with Vietnamese customers

5. Report the daily work to the superior

The commissions will be based on the information collected.If you like this job, please send us your resume to us

ADD:No.3078 Airport West Road, Lingang Economic Development 

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