Communications Assistant for an NGO in Argentina

Company: Voluntario Global NGO
Job type: Voluntary
Industry: Media, Advertising & PR

Background Information

Voluntario Global has been working with many social organizations and communities in Buenos Aires for over 10 years. These organizations include kindergartens, educational centers, and community clinics, thus creating a network of solidarity and collaboration among all and helping with resources and volunteers.

In 2008, Voluntario Global, the volunteer organization behind Pacheco Community Center, founded its first Youth Cooperative that is still running today. This cooperative is a laundry center named Su Lavanderia and has employed over 50 young students from poor neighborhoods who were studying at university and so working at the cooperative they were able to have an income without dropping out of school. This experience has inspired us to believe that the Pacheco Community Center can be a valuable part of this network.

Role of the Volunteer

There is a huge variety of tasks available to communications volunteers depending on the volunteers’ interests, experience and the activities going on within Voluntario Global at the time. Some of these tasks include:

  • Updating the social media sites: Voluntario Global keeps people up to date with its work and spreads its message through the use of social media such as Facebook and Instagram. It is important to keep these pages up to date with recent activities and new volunteers, and communications volunteers can take on this responsibility. Volunteers will visit various projects or events throughout the week and take photos of the activities and the volunteers to post on Voluntario Global’s social media. They can also document what volunteers get up to in their free time.

  • Writing blogs for the Voluntario Global website: Living in the city of Buenos Aires and visiting all the different volunteer projects, there are so many interesting things to write about. Voluntario Global’s website has a blog section for volunteer experiences, culture or current issues and many other topics which you will keep up to date. You have the option to write a few short blogs per week which will be posted onto the webpage and the Facebook giving people more of an insight into living in Buenos Aires and the volunteer experience.

  • Interviewing: To ensure that Voluntario Global has up to date information on the volunteers, the projects and the coordinators working at the projects, you can take on the role of interviewing people. These interviews may be with current volunteers in English or Spanish, or with people from in the projects in Spanish and may be used in video form, or be typed up and used for descriptions of projects or website information.

  • Translating: The Voluntario Global website uses both English and Spanish so volunteers can help translating information for the website or for the project descriptions.

In order to accomplish tasks, it is important that the volunteer possesses initiative, collaborative skills and empathy to join the activities of the different projects. It is also advisable you bring your own laptop to work more comfortably.


This program is available all year round. For communications volunteers, there are no fixed hours per week. The hours are flexible and adaptable, they will often depend on the needs of the organization each week and the availability of the volunteer. 

Location and first day at work

The Communications Team will coordinate and run their main tasks in the office located in San Telmo. Weekly tasks are organized in two meetings each week, one on Mondays and one on Fridays to discuss what volunteers will be doing during the week and to share ideas and proposals.

Spanish Level Required

The Spanish level required for this role is basic. However a good level of Spanish helps and allows better development of some tasks. The communications coordinators speak English.

Minimum Stay

8 weeks



Fee Required


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