Study Director Imunobiology Immunoassay

Company: CV-Library
Job type: Full-time
AUD 45,000 - AUD 50,600 / Year

Core Responsibilities

Perform the role of Study Director and/or Principal Investigator with overarching responsibility for assigned studies, with support from trained and experienced Study Directors as required. Responsibilities include:

Manage studies to ensure timelines are firstly set appropriately taking into account, company and external stakeholder requirements, and once set, ensure timelines are achieved.
Communicate effectively with external stakeholders (i.e. clients, Clinical Research Organisations (CROs)).
Communicate with internal stakeholders (i.e. operations, Quality Assurance (QA), management) to ensure project progression.
Ensure the scientific integrity and regulatory compliance of study data by (at minimum) the review of all runs.
Troubleshoot scientific issues by liaising with appropriate groups including Research & Development (R&D), operations, management.

Coordinate with operations and, in particular, the Lead Analyst to ensure operational progression of studies.
Liaise with R&D to ensure smooth transition of methods into validation.
Departmental Responsibilities  

Update and review Analytical Laboratory Methods (ALM).
Input to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) relevant to Study Director role.
Able to be assigned Deputy Study Director duties as required.

In addition to the salary stated above, My Client will also cover the costs as follows:

Visa sponsorship for the employee and family – this cost approx. $10k - $13k
Relocation assistance - single person $11k, if coming with a family $14k, this covers costs associated with flights, shipping and initial accommodation upon arrival in Adelaide

Overseas visitors private health cover for duration of visa (this is between $160 - $250 per month approx.), if they are from a reciprocal country then they will be covered by Medicare (this is like the NES in the UK), Medicare is sufficient health care cover for their visa requirements 

Co-contribute towards school fees if they come with school aged children and the kids go to a public school. This co-contribution isn’t applicable if they decide to send to a private school

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