IT Support Officer

Company: Parkwind NV
Job type: Full-time

Parkwind NV is a leading company in Europe in the field of developing, building and running offshore wind farms. The Parkwind team has developed, arranged financing and constructed Belwind I (156 MW), Northwind (216 MW) and Nobelwind (165 MW). The Parkwind team is also managing the operational maintenance of these plants. With several other projects in its development portfolio, Parkwind is a strong and growing player in the offshore energy production. The current shareholders of Parkwind are Colruyt Group, Korys NV (the investment holding of the Colruyt family) and the Flemish investment fund PMV. Providing 1st line technical assistance to our end users in a Microsoft Office 365 Cloud/Windows environment. e.g. helping install, upgrade and troubleshoot hardware and software systems, conducting remote troubleshooting, testing alternative pathways until issues are resolved, recording of technical issues and solutions in logs and directing unresolved issues to the next line of support....

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