Investigation Developer

Company: Odoo
Job type: Full-time

Are you a problem solver? Do you like helping customers with their issues? Do you hate monotony? You read code like you read H2G2? Debugging is in your blood and troubleshooting is your DNA? Join the Technical Support Team of the fastest growing IT company in Belgium! Working Environment: Your mission, if you accept it, will be to solve highly complex issues for customers and partners. Your tools will be our top-of-the-line ticketing system, your company-issued computer, and most importantly your brain. You will be the last line of defence between clients and chaos. Communication with customers are strictly through emails (direct calls may happen once a year but don’t worry, you will be coached for that). Programming Languages: Python, SQL, JavaScript Database: PostgreSQL (with object relational mapping) Collaboration platform: GitHub Development model: Open with external community Framework: Odoo itself is a framework Responsabilities: Identify problems, analyze them, make ‘em disa...

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