Supply Chain Manager

Job type: Full-time

Operating Name: Golden Territory Logistics Co. Ltd

Ad Job Title: Supply Chain Manager


Salary: $42.5/hour

Job Type: Full-Time, Permanent

Working Hours: 40 hours/week

Work Locations: Richmond,BC


Company Email: [...]



(1) Manage the entire process in the planning of commodities procurement and supply chain activities, budget control, logistics and distribution, customs clearance, ensuring effectively-functioning processes to avoid costly delays and lost opportunities

(2) Establish and implement a monitoring system that ensures that the prices paid for commodities are in line with local market prices, prepare monthly, quarterly and annual procurement plans and progress reports as required

(3) Be responsible for introducing process improvements in the supply chain and identify new suppliers without jeopardizing quality and service delivery.

(4) Execute demand flow verification processes, engage in short- and long-term planning and conduct inventory analyses for warehouse utilization, conduct risk assessments on things like product perishability, supply trends, demand factors and at-risk product mitigation

(5) Manage our company's overall supply chain and logistics operation and procedures in order to maximize the process efficiency and productivity, oversee the computerized purchasing system that our company has installed

(6) Execute industry standard policies related to quality, safety, and process improvements, ensure that appropriate import and export compliance procedures are followed by contracted service providers

(7) Maintain clear and consistent communication with suppliers, and shipping contacts throughout the procurement lifecycle, negotiate contracts and rates with shipping lines, freight forwarders, customs house brokers, warehouse managers and related third-party logical service providers

(8) Make sure that all complaints and concerns against suppliers are addressed promptly to ensure that the procurement activities are uninterrupted at all times.


1. Bachelor’s degree is required

2. Minimum 5 years procurement management experience

3. Strong leadership, analytical and organizational skills; demonstrated ability to work both independently and within a team, assess priorities, and manage multiple activities with attention to detail, meeting tight deadlines under pressure.

4. Excellent problem-solving capacity, with demonstrated ability for considerable analysis and sound judgment to find solutions in a complex environment with shifting and competing priorities.

5. Excellent cross-cultural communication (both oral and written) and interpersonal skills demonstrated by ability to interact professionally with culturally and linguistically diverse staff, stakeholders, clients and consultants.


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