Company: TSUJIRI Richmond
Job type: Full-time
Industry: Travel & Tourism

TSUJIRI Richmond

Industry: Restaurants & Food Service


Job Description:

- Job title: Patissier

- Work location: 1535-4777 Mcclelland Road, Richmond, BC V6X 0M5

- Terms of employment: Permanent employment, Full time

- Wage: $19 hourly

- Language of work: English

- Experience: 1 years (required)

- Education: No degree, certificate or diploma required

- Please contact via email: [...]


Duties and Responsibilities:

- Prepare various types of dough for Japanese pies, bread, rolls, and sweet goods.

- Adhere to specific recipes and techniques to achieve consistent and high-quality results.

- Monitor oven temperatures and baking times for each product category.

- Decorating baked goods with precision, prepare icings and frostings according to established recipes or customized to meet special customer orders.

- Implement rigorous quality control measures to guarantee that all baked goods meet and exceed established standards.

- Monitor stock levels and coordinate with suppliers to replenish baking supplies as needed.

- Maintain a comprehensive production schedule to determine the type and quantity of goods to be produced.

- Contribute to the sales and merchandising efforts of baked goods, collaborating with the sales team to drive customer engagement.

- Provide input on product presentation and packaging to enhance market appeal.

- Foster a positive and collaborative work environment, encouraging teamwork and continuous improvement.


Job requirements:

- Perform detailed tasks like kneading dough and decorating pastries with skillful handwork.

- Be aware of colors to ensure that icing and decorations complement each other for a pleasing appearance.

- Pay meticulous attention to details, from precise measurements of ingredients to following recipes with accuracy.

- Work comfortably in a fast-paced environment, adapting well to a busy and dynamic work setting.

- Tailor pastries to meet customer preferences by understanding and adapting to their desires.

- Engage with customers in a friendly manner, answering questions, and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

- Show reliability by consistently showing up and performing job duties, following schedules, and supporting the team.

- Be an effective communicator within the team, contributing to a positive and collaborative work environment.

- Be open to learning new skills and improving existing ones for personal growth and the advancement of the team.


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