VR Unity Programmer

Company: Infusion Edutainment AI & VR & AR Technology Development Ltd.
Job type: Full-time
Salary: CAD 72,800 / Year
Salary notes: $35/ hour

Company operating name: VR Technology Development Ltd.

Job Type: Full-time, permanent

Salary: $ 35/hour

Working hours: 40 hours/week

Job location: Victoria, BC


Company Introduction

Infusion Edutainment Technology Development Ltd is a fast-growing company specialized in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) development and applications. VR and AR enable us to interact with computer in more natural, richer, and more powerful ways. Some applications include specialized education, 3-D modelling, scientific analysis and more! Here at Infusion we Our team aims to help everyone experience these incredible new technologies. We offer 3 outstanding services which are Customized Platform, General Training simulator and Education simulator. Due to our business expansion, we are looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated individual with strong interest for 3D user experience and professional experience building complex, user-centric applications (ideally games) to fit our VR Unity Programmer role.



- Write highly optimized C# code to extend OpenCV’s capacity; optimize and adjust 3D motion capture animations.

- Develop custom backend services to extract data from platforms and sensors to be utilized in the VR environment; interface with RESTful APIs and MQTT brokers.

- Work with the PowerVR architecture team to produce a set of GLES extensions for ray-tracing; integrate ray-tracing into the Unity 3D engine.

- Collaborate with other programmers to identify and correct errors by conducting trial runs, making appropriate changes and rechecking the program to ensure that the desired results are produced

- Revise, repair or expand of existing programs to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements

- Meet with customers and end-users regularly, collect feedback for further modification and improvement; Help customers track and evaluate the efficacy and ROI of VR solutions

- Write end user and developer documentation such as users guide and API

- Compile and document program development and subsequent maintenance and revisions, comment on coded instructions

- Research sophisticated rendering techniques using the PowerVR ray tracing hardware



- 7+ years programming or developing experience, preferably in game design

- 3+ years experience developing 3D games or experience using Unity 3D game engine

- 3+ years experience with C# and JavaScript

- Rapid prototyping with cutting-edge technology

- Git, GitHub or similar source control system experience

- Bachelor Degree or above in Computer Science or Computer Engineering

- Experience collaborating with other developers in communication, debugging and performance tracking

- Experience with multiple programming languages, especially in C#, Python, XML or Javascript

- Lifelong personal interest in video games with a solid knowledge of the field


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