Computer Systems Analyst

Company: Infocube Technology Ltd.
Job type: Full-time
Salary: 80,080 CAD/Year
Industry: Information Technology

Company Info:

Infocube Technology Ltd. is a global professional IT service corporation that specializes in providing cloud computing services, data management services, security improvement, IT project design, and more. We provide unique technological solutions to uncharted market space and we focus on serving small to medium-sized companies and institutional clientele globally by providing specialized custom enterprise solutions in our modern world of technology. We are currently looking for a passionate and professional Computer Systems Analyst to join our team. You will assist small businesses or corporations to optimize their IT system performance, solve and improve their IT problems with customized solutions.

Terms of Employment: Full-time, Permanent

Wage: $38.50 per hour

Language of Work: English


Job Duties

1. Communicate with clients to identify current inefficiencies, predict potential software security risks to attain their current and future business needs.

2. Analyze and define clients’ requirements and problems by reviewing their current system capabilities, work flow, and system security.

3. Research hardware, cloud computing, IoT, big data and information technologies to provide clients with advice on possible IT system solutions and improvements.  

4. Collect all of the client’s needs, clarify and document them as well as to translate them into specific technical terms that will be further implemented by the development team.

5. Collaborate with Infocube’s development team to ensure that systems are adequately designed, sufficient planning has been conducted according to clients needs.

6. Give advises on technical solutions based on how much memory and speed the computer system needs, prepare flowcharts for development team to use when building the system, and involve in solving problems that come up after the initial system is set up.

7. Coordinate with Infocube’s technical team in the testing phrase, recommend functional technical solutions for unsatisfactory test results and observe the initial use of the system to ensure that it performs as planned. 

8. Safeguard and protect the business and clients’ needs by regularly verifying functionality, accuracy and completeness of the requirements. 



1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related discipline.

2. At least 3-5 years experience in software development or software engineering.

3. Previous experience in cloud computing, IoT, big data and information technology is highly desired.

4. Superior software analyzing and complex problem-solving ability to determine business needs.

5. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers and clients.


Location: 1310-1090 W Georgia Street, Vancouver BC

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