Data Processing Specialist

Company: Cambie Roofing & Drainage Contractors Ltd.
Job type: Full-time
Salary: CAD 315 / Hour

Company Introduction:


Cambie Roofing is family owned and operated in roofing and drainage industry over half a century. Each employee in our team carries our family tradition - a commitment to excellence. We specialize in providing excellent new construction, re-roofing, repair and maintenance services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Our installations are under the Roofing Constructors Association of BC (RCABC) standards, and we manage risks in accordance with WCB regulations.   


As roofing is still a Red Seal trade, we are looking for an experienced and hardworking person to join us as a database administrator to ensure that our data is available, protected from loss and corruption, and easily accessible as needed.


Basic Information:


Company Operating Name: Cambie Roofing & Drainage Contractors Ltd.

Job Title: Data Processing Specialist

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $ 31.5/hour

Work Hours: 40 hours per week

Work Location: 1367 East Kent Ave N, Vancouver, BC V5X 4T6



Your main responsibilities will include:

1. Work with our company’s management to understand our data needs, plan the goals of the database and create a database structure based on those needs

2. Build and take care of computer database systems of high advisability and quality so that we can get the information we need at the right time

3. Write logical and physical database descriptions, make predictions about the future needs and create the capacity to handle the extra workload

4. Analyze all databases and monitor it for all design specifications, prepare data analytics and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality, provide ongoing reports to upper management

5. Design maintenance procedures and put them into operation, including creating the login process, user accounts for all employees, and security clearances for sensitive data

6. Monitor database performance, implement changes and install upgrades and patches to fix program bugs, plan security rules and measures, make sure that data are secure from unauthorized access

7. Back up systems to prevent data loss in case of a power outage or other disaster, ensure the integrity of the database, guarantee that the data stored in it come from reliable sources

8. Identify and evaluate industry trends and analysis results in database systems to serve as a source of information and advice for upper management


We expect you to have these qualifications:

1. Bachelor’s degree in a computer discipline or other related field.

2. At least three-year proven working experience with database administration.

3. Excellent knowledge of data backup, recovery, security, integrity.

4. Be able to monitor a database system’s performance to determine when action is needed.

5. Be able to evaluate complex information that comes from a variety of sources.

6. Detailed oriented, excellent logical thinking, analytical skills and problem-solving skills.

7. Hands-on programming experience is an asset;


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