Kitchen Supervisor

Company: Golden Wok Take Out
Job type: Full-time
Salary: CAD 28,350 / Year
Industry: Services


This Golden Wok Take Out restaurant is in demand for a full-time kitchen supervisor employee.

Business owner hopes this employee can start to work from or before May 1, 2020. This position is a permanent work.

This position’s salary is 13.50/hour. Business owner arranges 40 to 42 hours each week, 6 days each week. The working schedule may be changed with previous notices. The annual salary will be 28,350 to 30,000.

This position’s work duties are: to manage entire kitchen working processes, to maintain kitchen environment and health orders, to ensure kitchen cooking equipment and tools safety and order, to handle kitchen work team included work duty arrangement and work performance evaluation, to hire and train part time kitchen work team members, to monitor food products quality, to work with cooks for updating menus, to purchase materials from suppliers and to monitor material quality, to produce dishes fulfill special orders from customers, to work with kitchen work team members for daily orders, to do other work with guidelines from business owner.

Any candidate shall confirm have restaurant working or managing knowledge. Post-secondary education experience will be assets.

English language is important for this position. This supervisor will work with kitchen work team from different countries. Please send English test proof with resumes.

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