Waiter/waitresses in a Hotel and Restaurant for Ayia Napa

Job type: Full-time
Area/Neighbourhood: αyia Napa, Cyprus

The Waiter deals with serving and grooming customers in restaurants, pastry shops, cafes or other entertainment venues. Helps the customer to choose the food and drinks listed in the store's price list. Then he takes the order and transfers it to the cook or to the staff preparing the appetizers, salads, main food or drinks. Then serve them, check for shortages at the table, keep track of the customer's needs and take care of the receipt of the bill.

The Waiter waiter arranges and prepares the table, brings the dinnerware (glasses, forks, knives), serves bread and drinks.

When working as a bureaucrat, he kindly welcomes the customer in the restaurant's room, helps him find a table or lead him to the table he has booked. It also ensures that the customer is quickly serviced and, in general, controls and coordinates the entire serving so that the customer is satisfied.

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