Hotel internships in Cyprus

Company: Algoos Study work and Travel
Job type: Internship
Salary: 850 EUR/Month
Industry: Travel & Tourism
Area/Neighbourhood: Cyprus



Internship in food and beverage in this amazing hotel in Greece will be extremely beneficial for those that study tourism and hospitality or restaurant management. You will follow the instructions of the head waiter and slowly learn and evolve. You will not only be serving food and drinks to customers, but you will also meet people from around the world and communicate with them.  After this internship you will know how the restaurant or bar works, how this work is organized and will be able to work in this department in the future.




  • JOB : #50035
  • COMPANY NAME : **********
  • FIELD OF STUDIES : Hospitality
  • MINIMUM ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION : Everybody is eligible in working in hotels, but the program is highly beneficial for those studying a degree related to tourism and hospitality. Previous work experience in the same field is considered an advantage.
  • ACCEPTED AGE RANGE : 18 to 35 Years
  • NATIONALITIES ACCEPTED: Cyprus, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia
  • EARLIEST/ DATE TO JOIN : May 1st, 2018 till August 15th, 2018
  • EARLIEST DATE TO LEAVE : September 1st, 2018 till November 1st, 2018
  • PERIOD : 2018-09-01
  • PERIOD IN MONTHS : 5 Months
  • TYPE / TERM : Internship




    As a candidate you should be hard working, meticulous and conscientious. We expect you to have a positive attitude towards work, clients and future colleagues. Ideal candidate should be flexible and cooperative. It is also good for you to have a positive attitude and to be ready for challenges. You should also be able to handle stress well and keep yourself calm under pressure.




    Everyone can apply who is 18-35 years old and

    • Is a student in secondary school,
    • Is a student in university or college


    • Simply looking for a job




In food and beverage your main duties depend on where you will be working. Mostly your duties will include:
Greeting guests, presenting them with the menu and
informing guests about the specialties of the day and
menu changes if any, preparing set ups for tables, performing cleaning tasks as needed or directed by a supervisor, communicating with guests and providing assistance with their requests, managing guest inquiries, coordinating with the kitchen/bar staff to ensure smooth operation and guests’ satisfaction, handling complaints and informing your supervisor about them. Also, your duties might include a’la carte restaurant service (usually only to the more experienced trainees), bar service, preparing different drinks and buffet restaurant service.



A unique architectural adventure, blending the post modern Mediterranean and Venetian style with the dark-blue Aegean Sea. A simple, yet aesthetic, environment worked out to accommodate the visitors who would like to experience something exceptional from the ordinary. This impressive 4 star superior hotel is in a quiet position only 150m from the beach, 2,8 km from Kos city center (frequent local bus service available, as well as easy access by bicycle using the cycle road), 3 km from the harbour, 1,5 km from the yacht marina and 28 km from the airport. The Hotel since the beginning of 2013 is implementing a sustainability policy and programme by preserving the environment, supporting local people and protecting culture and traditions. The hotel has been certified with the Travelife Gold award at the end of the season of 2014. The hotel has been awarded continuously for its excellent service and quality by the most major European tour operators and the most popular travellers reviews internet sites.



If an employee or student is fired due to inappropriate behavior or due to actions prohibited form the laws of the visited country then Algoos immediately cancels the contract with the employee who will have to return back to his/her home country without further assistance form Algoos. Although if a person is fired due to miscommunication, Algoos will arrange another job or internship position for the remaining time.




You will be working 8 hours per day with a break for your meal. There are different shifts at the hotel so you may be working in the morning, evening or night shift. You might have a straight shift (work 8 hours in a row) or a split-shift (work 4 hours first and after a break work another 4 hours).





The hotel offers 3 complimentary meals per day and free
accommodation close to the hotel or within a distance. If the distance is longer than 1.5km the employer will provide you with free transport to work and back. The rooms are decent and are usually for 2-4 people.




We are proud to say that we offer an excellent service to all our candidates. We will assist you with the process and help you with all the required documents. We will do all the arrangements for picking you up from the airport and transferring you to your accommodation. Our colleagues from Algoos or directly from the hotel will assist you with all your legal documentation such as tax number and social security number which are needed to start your job or internship legally. While on the destination you will be provided with the mobile number of your local internship coordinator to whom you can express your problems and he/she will assist you in finding a solution.




Kos island has crystal beaches, interesting sightseeing, intense nightlife, traditional villages and delicious restaurants.  The Asklepieion is the most famous sight, which was actually a healing center in the ancient times. Worth visiting are also the Ancient Agora, the Roman Odeon, the Venetian Castle in Town and the Castle in Antimachia. In Kos you can find watersports that are exclusively there and are not found in other Greek islands. Such is the Super Jet Boating, a fantastic powerful jet boat with two turbo engines. Many other Kos watersports are found in the popular resorts of the island, such as KefalosPsalidiKardamenaAgios Stefanos and Mastihari.

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