WTG Inspector - Towers/Nacelles

Company: CV-Library
Job type: Contract

WTG Inspector - Towers/Nacelles required for a major Offshore Wind Farm Developer based in Denmark.


Conduct detailed inspections of wind turbine towers and nacelles during various stages of the manufacturing process.
Perform visual, dimensional, and functional inspections to ensure components meet design specifications and quality standards.
Review manufacturing documentation, engineering drawings, and specifications related to towers and nacelles.
Verify that the manufacturing processes align with approved plans and that any deviations are documented and addressed.
Inspect welded joints and structures to ensure compliance with welding procedures and industry standards.
Monitor and evaluate weld quality, identifying and addressing any defects or issues promptly.
Oversee the assembly of nacelles, ensuring that all components are correctly installed and aligned.
Conduct inspections to verify the integrity and functionality of mechanical and electrical systems within the nacelles.
Utilise testing equipment to perform functional tests on nacelles and tower components, ensuring they meet required performance criteria.
Collaborate with testing laboratories to validate the structural integrity of towers and the functionality of nacelle systems.
Work closely with manufacturing, engineering, and quality assurance teams to address issues, provide feedback, and contribute to process improvements.
Communicate inspection findings clearly through detailed reports and documentation.
Conduct audits of suppliers and subcontractors involved in tower and nacelle manufacturing.
Establish and maintain relationships with suppliers, providing guidance on quality requirements for these specific components.
Stay informed about industry regulations and standards related to tower and nacelle manufacturing.
Ensure that manufacturing processes comply with relevant health, safety, and environmental regulations.Requirements

Educational background in engineering or a related field.
Previous experience in quality control or inspection roles within the manufacturing of wind turbine towers and nacelles.
Familiarity with welding processes, assembly techniques, and testing methodologies specific to wind turbine components.
Knowledge of relevant industry standards and regulations.
Strong attention to detail and analytic skills.
Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
Ability to interpret engineering drawings and specifications.
Certification in welding inspection or quality control methodologies may be advantageous

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