Do you need a Nanny or a Home Tutor

Company: Nephatera Home Tutors
Job type: Part-time
Salary: GHS 200 / Week
Industry: Education
Area/Neighbourhood: Spintex, East Legon

Do you need a Nanny or a Home Tutor?
Nursery and Primary education is the basic foundation necessary for a child's development. Nephatera Home Tutors aim at enhancing the quality of education received by children.
* We help children revise what was taught in school.
* We help children complete their homework
* Help prepare them for exams
* Cater for them when you are out working
* We cater for children with special needs( Autistic children)
* We give weekly or monthly report on the strength and weakness of your child.
We teach: English, Maths, Religious Education, ICT, Social Studies, etc.
Our teachers are professionally trained with passion for teaching children.
Pick a time convenient for you and we will schedule the sessions to suit you.
Call 0552257577 or Email [...]

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