amazon EDI

Company: Amazon EDI
Job type: Full-time

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

                                EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)is one type of system which is business communication of information. It is computer to computer exchange of business documents between companies.            

·         Work of EDI:

EDI is tool which is available for every business it will increases efficiency and productivity and replace process of preparing data in paper and send it via mail or fax.

·         How it works:

To transmit any data between any two companies there are so many ways for it.  And one of it is VAN it allows companies transmission and it will review by the VAN and then send proper recipient. In Today’s EDI uses a new method for transmission and that is AS2(Applicability Statement 2).


Process of EDI is as following sender uses the computer internal data which are needed to transaction. Then this data are inserting to the software that make the transaction into well EDI format. Then that da

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