Hormonal Imbalance and how to overcome it!

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Fatigue, bloating, hair loss, irritability, mood swings, palpitations, trouble concentrating,  high blood sugar, infertility can be considered as some of the symptoms that are related to the female hormonal imbalance as stated by renowned health coach Vidhi Beri. Many a time some of the hormonal shift is normal. This may include the monthly fluctuation of the sex hormones. This sex hormone is responsible for ovulation, menstruation, and the changes that occur during pregnancy in women. Menopause can be considered as another type of hormonal shift that is very normal in the life of a  woman and happens in the latter half between 40-50 years of age. During the period of menopause, women tend to experience lots of mood change, huge weight gain, sweaty nights, and diminished sex drive.  Other than that many a time, female hormonal imbalance may occur due to the medicines or any medical condition present in a human body.  It is very important for women to know the various signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance so that they can get proper medical attention as and when required (girls are you listening!).

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