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Commercial land is more lucrative when it comes to earning rental yields. Investors are ready to earn 8-10% in commercial properties, whereas the speed of return for residential property investment falls between 2-3%. the simplest Commercial Real Estate investment in a highly desirable neighborhood is a great long-term holding


The barriers to Commercial land -Investors perspective

The limited space in India for grade A development has led to plenty of future projects catering specifically towards MNCs who want their business graded with the top status. Today, there's strong demand regardless Covid, the demand is extremely strong. therefore the vacancy is also very low.

The real estate market is an induced product. The developers put plenty of marketing to sell the properties and customers can easily get information about it, however, in Commercial land investing; you are reliant on relationships because that's where opportunities lie. this is often where Myre Capital comes into the picture!

Commercial land Investments have been on the rise for a while now. Lenders are more willing to fund commercial properties since they have a tendency to be less risky than residential projects, and there is an increasing demand from business owners who need office space or warehouse facilities.

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