What is asset Reconstruction Company in India?

Company: Corpzo Ventures Private Limited
Job type: Full-time
Industry: Legal
Area/Neighbourhood: India

A. Company registered under the company act 2013 for the purpose of securitization & get registration from RBI as per SARFAESI act under section 3 is called as Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC). The main business of asset Reconstruction Company is to buying bad loan from bank. These are specialized financial institution that buys the bad loan, Non Performing Assets (NPAs) from banks & financial institution so that to clean up their balance sheet.It act as recovery agent for the banks as it take over the loan and advances from bank and financial institution for recovery.

On and after the commencement of this Act, assets reconstruction company shall make an application for registration to the Reserve Bank before the expiry of six months from such commencement and cannot carry on the business of securitisation or asset reconstruction until a certificate of registration is granted to it or as the case may be, rejection of application for registration is communicated to it.

2. ARC objective?

A. Rapid growth of bad debts/ non-performing assets was the persistent barrier for healthy growth of Indian economy. Asset Reconstruction Companies were formed as specialised agencies to facilitate securitisation and asset reconstruction of non-performing asset thereby earliest resolution and taking the liquidity in the system. https://www.corpzo.com/asset-reconstruction-company-registration--arc

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