Balloon Decorators in Mumbai

Company: Hem Balloon Decorators
Job type: Full-time
Industry: Fashion, Art & Design

We give Balloon Decoration to various events like birthday, wedding, gathering, parties and so on. Give our groups of experts a chance to balloon decorators who make your balloon adornments coordinate the hues you require guaranteeing a completely co-ordinate topic with balloon pearl curves, balloon eye getting trees, balloon bunches of gliding mists, table embellishments and highlights with bows,wreaths, swagging and some more.

These are the nice-to-have things, that either make your life as a balloon decorator easier, or that help you to improve your creations(Hi-Float for example will increase the floating time of helium filled balloons significantly).
Balloon decorating strip, a clear polyethylene strip with pre-made holes to hold up to 12 balloons per foot; can be used to create arches or other shapes,Tulle,Cool melt glue gun.

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