Conversational Teacher

Company: One Coin English
Job type: Part-time
JPY 1,200 - JPY 1,500 / Hour
Salary notes: It goes up usually monthly but is dependent on your skill!
Industry: Education
Area/Neighbourhood: Kanto


- Must be 20 years or older

- Must currently have a valid working VISA in Japan

- Must be available to work a minimum of 2 weekdays and 1 day on the weekend

- Must be available to work in the evening from 6 PM - 10 PM on weekdays (10 - 7 weekend)

- Must be available for a minimum of 9 months

- The maximum we pay for transportation is 500 yen one-way




★★ Please fill out the 3-minute form below to apply. ★★





Minimum shift is 2 weekdays and 1 weekend (15-20 Hours a week)

Location: Ikebukuro School [We are looking for 2 teachers for May]

Monday to Friday 6-10 PM (For students, we can adjust the 6 pm shifts to 7 pm)

Saturday 10AM-7PM

Sunday 10 AM- 6 PM



<b><u>★ BENEFITS ★ </u> </b>

We strive to provide a welcoming and rewarding work experience for people who want a workplace that they can genuinely enjoy and experience a truly international environment. Some of our benefits include:


- Paid transportation

- Friendly and welcoming work environment 

- Diverse work environment (teachers from more than 20 countries)

- Motivated students (they come here because they want to learn, rather than being obligated to for work)

- Teaching support / Teaching feedback / Teaching materials provided

- Teachers stay with us long-term because of our excellent company culture

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