Part-time / Full-time

Job type: Part-time
Industry: Services

In the heart of Kuwait, for over 18 rich years, we've had the privilege of knowing someone truly special. This individual has lovingly served families from all corners of the world who've chosen Kuwait as their haven. More than just a professional, they bring warmth and familiarity into every task, whether it's preparing a home-cooked meal that feels like a hug or ensuring a home is sparkling and inviting. Their fluency in English bridges cultures and paves the way for heartfelt conversations. And for families with little ones? Well, their gentle, nurturing approach to babysitting feels just like entrusting your kids to a dear friend. We wholeheartedly believe that welcoming this person into your home isn't just about hiring help. It's about adding a trustworthy and caring member to your household family. 

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