Seeking a babysitting/childcare facility near Kuwait City

Job type: Other
Salary notes: To be negotiated.
Area/Neighbourhood: Mansouryia, Kuwait, Kuwait City

Hello, I am looking for childcare to send my daughter to (we are both Canadian).  Please note I am NOT looking for a nursery school nor am I looking for a nanny to come to our home to take care of her.  I sent my daughter to a woman's apartment in Mangaf a year back where she took in about 12 to 14 children, running her own daycare from her home.  Her hours were very flexible.  I am hoping to find something similar to this but now we are living near Kuwait City.  If there is anything out there or if anyone knows of such a thing, please contact me at 96689878.  Thank you kindly.  Hours would be roughly from 7:15 till 2:45.  


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