Sales Trader (M/F)

Job type: Full-time Description Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) is one of the largest banks in the Grand Duchy and offers retail, private, corporate and institutional banking as well as treasury and financial market services. We are focused on Luxembourg and select international markets, and on a long-term value creation by empowered individuals and teams. Most of BIL's 2000 employees work at the headquarters in Luxembourg city: the centralized setup promotes swift , agile decision-making and enabling BIL to offer clients innovative solutions for their changing needs. Responsibilities KEY OBJECTIVES OF THE JOB:   1.   On a daily basis, meet transactional needs of and talk to our clients and transmit orders to Execution, Structuring and Trading with a high level of Execution Quality on all products : ·        Listed Derivatives, ·        Equities, ·        Funds, ·        Bonds, Schuldschein, Commercial Papers ·        BSPs, Third-Party Structured Products, Dual Currency Deposits, ·        Fx Spot, FX Swaps & Forwards, FX Options, ·        Deposits, Fiduciary Deposits ·        Any new products that have to be designed for our demanding clients In the sole interest of our clients. This include transparent execution, adequate reporting and confirmation but also answers to any claim. *Sole responsible: No *Shared responsibility with: all BIL AMS team members and Head of Transactions & Execution   2.   Propose the bank tactical ideas to our clients and explain investment products related. If required, advise our clients. Sole responsible: Yes     DELIVRABLES AND KEY ACTIVITIES:    1.   Take part of the daily team work : brief clients on market action, talk to clients about their transaction needs, take the phone, listen to requests, book orders and transactions, follow up execution, Report execution to clients Help as much as possible BIL AMS colleagues and relationship managers. *internal: of the team  Delivrable(s): continously 2.   Follow Financial Market evolution. Be able to deliver a clear view of market trends and key figures to clients *internal: of the team  Delivrable(s): continously 3.   Be proactive, call existing clients, work in confidence, suggest trades, improve cross-selling *internal: of the team  Delivrable(s): continously 4.    Report to Head of Transactions & Execution any issue, event or difficulty faced when needed Follow-up volume, number of transactions, commissions and figures from BIL AMS department to identify business potential, where BIL is losing ground or acquiring market share *internal: of the team  Delivrable(s): continously 5.   Ensure high level of service quality in the daily tasks for all products Identify opportunities for service improvement through analysis of data, observation of operations and consultation with staff, clients and other parties. *internal: of the team  Delivrable(s): continously 6.    Meet BIL AMS clients to make sure the clients know who is in charge of their transactions at least once a year. Report each visit in a Memo. *internal: of the bank *external: clients Delivrable(s): at least once a year 7.   Together with WM & CIB, meet prospects , inform them on the service offered and the possibilities of the BIL AMS desk. Challenge BIL AMS services and report each visit in a Memo. *internal: of the bank *transversal: with WM and CIB Delivrable(s): mid-term objectives     Must Have Requirements Education (orientation) MBA Finance   Education (required level) Master   Languages EN, FR, LU, any other languages is welcomed   IT tools Bloomberg, Office, TAP, Kondor+ programming skills welcomed (VBA, Python, Matlab)   More required knowledge Market Functioning Knowledge of Orders Management Detailed knowledge of financial products   Experience Minimum of 3 years experience in Banking Sector or Asset Management   More requirements Can work under Stress Commercial skills needed Team player Able to switch quickly from one topic to another Excellent oral and written communication skills Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines   Höchste Ausbildung: Master/Magister/Diplom/Staatsexamen Berufserfahrung: 3 - 4 Jahre Beginn des Vertrages: 09-11-20

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