Everest Base Camp Trekking Package fixed Departure 2018/19

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                              Everest Trekking Packages and Cost

If you are making a mindset to tour Nepal and want to go for Everest base camp for a thrilling experience then before you do that let follow some essential tips which you can practice. It is always recommended that for traveling any country you need to have a local guide which not only saves your extra cost but compare to international travel agency the Nepali trekking company will do the work without charging any additional cost. Because international trekking will charge more as they have to pay their staff in other countries besides Nepal. It is a common question that often people ask that how much trekking packages and cost will be and the cost will depend upon your preferred choice of choosing a local Nepali agency.

The reasons for that the local trekking agency will know the places well and budget wise they charge economical prices which as a  result you not only reduce the cost lower but also you will help by using of the local economy. In recent times, Nepal has been a dream destination for all trekking lover as the place is more renowned for its mountain hill and marvelous picture-perfect landscapes.

The most important tour begins with Everest trekking which is one of the adventurers and thrilling experience that most traveler will love to start. It is the all-important nerve breaking and pulsating engagement of   Everest trekking. Booking a trekking online can be an expensive one since they charge because of additional trekking staff allotment. Prices for booking online can range about USD $ 1250 to per person and it includes round-trip flights, accommodation, meals etc.  Trekking cost here does not include visa fees, travel insurance, and trekking equipment.

The benefits of going for online booking is that if you for some reasons unable to commence your trip then the booking company will prearrange making it extremely customers centric. You reach advance in Kathmandu and headed for trekking the next day. The negative side of the online booking is that you have to go for which makes your job tough because you won’t get the guide until you pay the whole amount to booking company online. Also sometimes you have to give written clarification about what includes in your packages result in more inconvenience to the entire trekking plans.

The main thing here is to see what basic difference between a private booking company and international company are like local booking agency sources and offer best deals from private companies. There are certain cautions you have to keep in mind while booking for trekking tours.

 The biggest pros of going with private booking company are like they list prices for you. You don’t have to search for them as the booking company itself fixes the flexible trekking dates and ensure about customers extreme comfort zone. The cons are like you will not sure whether the chosen guide will accompany with you or not. The reasons for that until you pay the trekking tour company total amount to the booking company they will not provide guide to you. The booking company is known for a third party. For more info about Everest base camp trek package and cost visit https://www.welcomenepaltreks.com/everest-base-camp-trekking.html


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