We need Collection Representatives

Company: BWI Companies, Inc
Job type: Part-time
Salary: PEN 16,461 / Month
Industry: Finance

BWI Companies, Inc. is a leading company in USA. We need a representative in the area of debt collection which is due for payment by our delinquent clients in the South and North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and in your location. We can give you the offer for you to be our company representative in your location with Monthly salary of $5000 USD and also, you will be entittled to 10% commission from any payment made through you by our client. It is easy and you can still be doing your normal business/job and as well running your company and still representing our company in your location.

If interested, do get us inform for our consideration so that we can send you more details/information.

Louise Lawrence
BWI Companies, Inc

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