I am caring, personal assistant

Job type: Part-time
Salary: EUR 15 / Hour
Salary notes: Nous combinons les prix, cela dépend du temps pris
Industry: Healthcare
Area/Neighbourhood: Cascais

1 * I can take care of your child, how to transport it to some side- attended the course of Technical Education Action (for 6 months) and the maternal experience is an asset;
2 * Can I make company to his elderly, help with meals, bathe her, take him to the doctor and shopping - I took a course of Geriatrics (Family Helper) in Red Cross work in an institution where do the work medical Action auxiliary;
3 * And I can also take care of your home and pets in your absence.
I'm in my 50s, I am communicative, with experience in the field, organized, knowledgeable of languages, Internet and naturally friendly to children, the elderly and animals. As I have a few days, mornings, afternoons or evenings free, it is always possible to provide this kind of support.

Bath with aesthetic care 30€. Other services, € 15 per hour.

I have my own car and some spare time, depending on my schedule. Prices to match, depending on the time spent and the type of work.


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