Çarpenters construction Groningen the Netherlands

Job type: Full-time
Industry: Construction
Area/Neighbourhood: Groningen The Netherlands

All-round Carpenters and Construction Workers 45 hours for various projects

All-round Carpenter wanted for projects in Groningen, North Netherlands. In possession of own transport and tools. In addition, command of the Dutch or English language.

Repairing and mounting of doors, floors, frames, roofs, stairs, ceilings, walls, window sills and / or other (wooden) structures
Checking the soundness and condition of existing structures (using, among other things, spirit level and square) Laser
Determining dimensions and distances with aids such as measuring tape, pencil, folding rule and chalk
Cutting wooden plates and beams to size with (electrical) tools
Fastening building materials together using nails, screws, bolts, etc.
Finishing connections and seams (for example with skirting boards or sealant)
Carrying out maintenance work on buildings, such as repairing leaks and applying water hammer

What we can offer you:
Projects for short and longer periods
Good salary
Working on various jobs
Working in a friendly team

If you are interested, send your CV and picture. Also outline your skills.

Christiaan van Dijken
The Hospitality masters

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