Home based Russian call center agent

Job type: Part-time
Industry: Telecommunications

Are you a native Russian speaker with fluent English language knowledge and great communicational skills? If both your answers are yes, then we are looking for you! We are searching for new colleagues to join our call center team on a long-term base. 

Come and challenge yourself in our international, cloud customer service team!

Job responsibilities:

  • Inbound customer service tasks - answering incoming written messages and phone calls in Russian in a timely matter
  • Outbound customer service tasks (incl. happy calls)
  • Learn and follow instructions, use standard operating procedures and call scripts, FAQs as provided by management. Ensure the Service Desk meets all SLA compliance requirements to the business by exercising an ownership mentality toward customer needs, showing respect and consideration to all team members and contributing improvements where possible

One of our biggest clients is a global tobacco company with more than 200 brands sold in over 200 markets; their ambition is to lead Next Generation Products in which we support them by providing excellent customer support services in Russia.

Agent Requirements:

  • Native Russian and Fluent English language knowledge
  • Located in Russia
  • 1 year+ experience in call/contact center or relevant field
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in Russian / English
  • Precision of data entry, solid computer skills
  • Able to work minimum 3-4 hours (in MSK time between 8am-11pm, Monday-Sunday)

Hourly fee: 6 EUR

Work type: Long-term work from home, freelancer partnership

Work Environment Requirements:

  • Quiet workplace (tasks are delivered from the comfort of the help-desk agent's home)
  • USB Headset (separate microphone and loudspeakers are not good enough to manage calls)
  • Computer or Laptop with Windows operating system
  • Broadband internet connection (mobile internet is not good enough to manage calls)

Planned start date :11th of October, 2017

Training Method:

  • We use cloud based call center technology - You need to download our call handling system, which needs to be tested.
  • We train all of our agents online before the beginning of any project
  • We monitor the progress of agents and acknowledge successful inquiries

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