Waiters,receptionist,driver,chef, in Florida apply

Company: epic hotel
Job type: Full-time
Salary: SAR 7,601 / Month
Industry: Catering & Hospitality

Hotel/Restaurant workers urgently wanted in the United States of America to work in the following positions: Cooks, Chefs,driver,waiter Receptionist, Accountant, Room Attendant, Room Service, Waiter, Waitress, Customer Service, Phone Line Agent, Bellboy, Supervisors, Drivers, Security Guards, Laundry Man, Barman, Sales Person, Clerks, Assistant Cooks, Security Officers, Cleaners, Pool Cleaners, Hotel Nurses,Pizza Maker, Assistant Supervisors, Secretaries, Office Assistants, Sous Chefs, Line Cooks, Managing Supervisor, Cashiers, AC Technicians, Restaurant Servers etc . Contact us with your CV for more information if interested

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