Excellent - Marketing Manager job with Flyer Eats

Job type: Part-time
Salary: 600 SGD/Month
Industry: Other

FLYER EATS is an online food, grocery, meat, fruits & vegetable delivery wing serving in India & Singapore. We are covering entire singapore to deliver the above listed items. We need innovative energetic person with good communication to meet the merchants like restaurants, Meat shops, grocery stores, vegetable shops in each zone in Singapore on daily basis to report the status to our Head of Director via phone call or in mail.

Scope of work:
1. Kumar is your reporting manager. He will give you the list of restaurants, grocery store name/contact number/address and job sheet (or) you can take directly from other SG delivery competitors app. You have to meet on daily basis then send to us end of day or share the daily updates in call or text or mail.
2. You have to meet the restaurants/grocery store and share our commission percentage like 25% + Tax and get the signature in MOU. Explain terms like if any cancellation of food/goods by customer due to quality issues then penalty can impose to merchant. Payout cycle to merchant is on weekly basis. We are taking orders via mobile app, website and calls also.
3. Once merchant signed then you have to send the scanned copy of signed MOU, other merchant docs, menu card, their accepted percentage...by end of day u can send overall is fine.
4. Once our DMU team entered the menu items in app, then u have to explain those merchant how to accept orders on our merchant app at
their site.
5. Salary is 450 SGD(fixed per month) + 150 SGD(travel allowance) + Per signup we give 2 SGD.
6. Working hours is 4 to 5 hrs per day(flexible) but you have to plan as per merchant appointments...Monthly 2 days leave allowed.

Contact us at [...] or call us at +65 87509538

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