Business Support

Company: Global Explorers
Job type: Full-time
Salary: EUR 1,050 / Month
Salary notes: Starting salary: 1050€ per month, with a revision after the first 6 months
Industry: Travel & Tourism

We are a young growing company in the tourism industry. We work hard to offer high quality experiences in Barcelona. Currently looking for a person with high level of commitment to join the project.


This full time position will involve business support tasks of different nature. While there are no specific requirements in terms of academic of experience background, certain capabilities and traits will be very important:


-Willingness for getting administrative work done: there will be an important load of varied admin tasks. Following sales, updating both internal files and sales contents, organizing the experiences, communicating with clients, etc.


-Constant learning approach: as a new business, processes and systems need constant adaptation.


-Customer service positive orientation: the job will involve regular contact with clients.


-Enthusiasm for working from home: most of the tasks will be done from home. Therefore self-discipline and good energies are important.


-Flexibility with schedules: while working from home and the nature of some tasks will provide certain degree of freedom with the schedules, other tasks need to be done at certain particular times. Which may include evenings and weekends.


-Good English level. Capacity to write in English and to answer phone calls from people from English-speaking countries


Apart from administrative and customer service tasks, the position will also include support at marketing and communication, and at other areas of the business. In direct contact with the owner and manager, it will provide a positive, active, dynamic working atmosphere. Also an integral vision of the company, a good platform to learn about business management, and also a good starting point to grow with the company. An opportunity for someone hardworking, with high level of commitment and passionate about making a business grow.


Starting salary: 1050€ per month, with a revision after the first 6 months.


If you are interested, please send us an email including as much detail as possible in your CV and please share with us your impressions on the position.


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