Online English Teacher

Job type: Full-time
Area/Neighbourhood: Online

Senior English Instructor
Former Supervisor
Former Training Manager
Started four years ago as an ESL instructor, taught too many students from different places online and offline, real interaction and fun is the key, if you love what you study, you’ll never stop doing it! And that's how I do it.
We have been taught the wrong way in schools, that's why the majority hate English.
Games and activities, you get to discover your language with my help. And we Can do magic
Practice makes perfect.
The more you’re indulging yourself in an exciting way for learning. The more you will love what you do the more you will never stop
I personally customize the course material depending on your needs, that's why we get the best results


مدربة لغة انجليزية خبرة ٤ سنين، اقوم بتصميم المناهج خصيصا لكل طالب للوصول لهدفنا الرئيسي سويا. 

Whatsapp and Calls: +201027155089 

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