Director of Security and Safety, Administrative Director of

Job type: Full-time
Industry: Military & Security

- Personal data:

Name       :Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Atta
Job title:Colonel engineer

Gender                                   : Male
Nationality                             : Egyptian
Religion                                 : Muslim
Date of Birth                          : Aug 9 -1969
Place of Birth                         : Giza 
Height                                     : 184 cm
Weight                                    : 87 kg

Current residence                  :United Arab Emirates

Mobile phone                          : +971503174421


University                                         : Alexandria
College                                             : Air Defense
The Qualification Scientific citified: Bachelor of Engineering

-Specialization                                       : Electricity Telecommunications

Date of obtaining the qualification      :1/7/1992
Estimate                                                 :good high
Engineers Association membership number    :07600/29
The Qualification Scientific military   :Bachelor of Air Defense Science
Specialization                                        : air defense

Estimate                                                 :Very good
Date of obtaining the qualification      : 30/6/1990


-Courses and training experiences:

- Course :Public Administration and Local Government Sciences.
Venue  : Faculty of Administrative Sciences for military officers.
The date of obtaining the session: 24/2/2010

- Course: Occupational Safety and Health according to

 OSHA American Standards.

The venue of the course:Al Safwa Training Center / Cairo

Course access date:20/6/2014

-THE Experience practice previous:

* Workplace / Job title:


1. Armed / Air Defense Forces.

    (Engineer officer until rank of colonel engineer):

    From 30/6/1990 to 2/1/2010  

2. Tourist resort Palmera.

    (Director of guarding and Security and Safety and administrative):

    From 02/03/2010 to 02/06/2012

3. Al Khamayel City Compound. (General Manager):

    From 06/10/2012 to 02/07/2013

4. Rawdah compound. (General Manager):

From 07/8/2013 to 08/1/2015

5- Lootah Group companies for the building and construction/Dubai- Djibouti:(Group director of security): From 06/2/2015 to 20/3/2016

6- The National Roads Company / Armed Forces:

(Administrative Director) From 15/6/2016 to 10/7/2017

7-Palmyra Tourist resort Owners / AinSokhna:

(General Manager of the resort for the owners):

From 1/9/2017 to 10/5/2019

8- Dream resort / Hurghada:

(guarding and Security and Safety General Manager(

From 14/6/2019 to 1/1/2021


PrSevious experience / tasks / responsibilities:

   1- practice of the administrative work of tourist

 and residential establishments.   

2- practice of security management of Tourist establishments.

3- practice management major residential towns and

Engineering Management.
4- The exercise of all leadership and management business.
5- practice all of business administrative affairs.
6- practice of organization and management of the affairs of   individuals and staff.     
7-Informed with legal aspect related documents and contracts. 
8- project management, engineering and business-

related construction and decoration.  
 9 - organization of work and put time plans for the advancement

       of the aim of the institution or facility.

 10- practice acts (security - fire - shooting) for the duration

      of the service. 
11- Ability to work hard under continuous pressure and

climatic conditions difficult.

12- Knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern work.

13- Ability to management and leadership, guidance and contacts

       with external entities. 



Language Skills:

* Arabic     : Mother Language

* English    : Very Good (Writing-translation-speaking fluently)

Computer Skills:

* Proficiency installation Computer components. 
* Proficiency deal with Windows and Word programs.       
 * Proficiency in dealing with the Internet.


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