Sales manager

Job type: Full-time
Industry: Consumer Products / FMCG

Creates, communicates, and executes a vision for the FMCG sales team, establishing direction and providing context for FMCG  sales activities.
Analyze, prepare, negotiate and evaluate annual agreements with FMCG Key accounts customers.
Training, coaching and develop FMCG supervisors to improve their performance, establish goals and achieve objectives that tie into the Region's budgetary responsibilities.
Sustained revenues during economic downturn; expanded FMCG customer based from 4670 customers to 6700 in a year.
Improved team effectiveness by 25% in six months by redefining FMCG sales strategy and message, developing and documenting a formal sales process, and training the group in sales skills and use of new strategy.
Negotiated complex legal and contracts with large and mid-size customers, negotiating over 20 new BDA partnerships.
Improved monthly sales pipeline 10% via lead generation strategy.
Achieved more than 7% annual sales growth in one year from March 2019 to May 2020.
Showed positive return on key performance indicators, ensuring that we maintained highest margin on our products while minimizing costs.

Strategized and implemented a plan to increase efficiency by restructuring the staff (Increased number of salespeople and degreased support roles) resulting annual customer growth 10%.
Effective resource management/planning that reflects current and future business requirements, ensuring that the correct balance of numbers, skills and experience, by playing an active role in recruitment and exits.
Effectively managed promotional budgets resulting in increased sales and profitability.
Developed and managed sales commission plans and selling strategies.
Work with FMCG sales management to develop and execute prospecting campaigns for target market sectors.
Working with the FMCG team to achieve sales targets in the respective business area through business development activities and providing feedback on performance. Ensuring a proper sales discipline is in place i.e. each Sales supervisor submits daily/weekly sales plans, and reports on realization of the same.

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